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March 25, 2020

Seo For Small Business

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Keyword: A keyword is a word or short phrase that shows a search engine what your website is about. When you perform a search, Google looks for pages that contain keywords relevant to your search. This doesn’t always mean it’ll return results that contain the exact phrase you search for — Google is smart enough to return results that match the intent of your search, if relevant.

Make sure not to overdo it, though. SEO marketers used to use “keyword stuffing” to trick Google into ranking a page by using a lot of keywords, but Google has gotten much smarter, and that technique doesn’t work anymore. To rank for a phrase, you need to write an article that actually provides information people are searching for.

Still, you should be using keywords — and you should spend a significant amount of time researching the best keywords for the content that you are writing.

For example, this article is optimized for the keyword “small business SEO.” We picked that topic because it’s a term small businesses who are looking for an SEO marketing company search for, so we can get business from readers like you. We also use related keyword phrases like “SEO terms” to help the article rank. However, we don’t just stuff those words in — we use them as topics to make the article both valuable to you and appealing to Google.

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